What is ballot Harvesting?

Ballot Harvesting is the gathering and submitting of completed absentee or mail-in voter ballots by third-party individuals, volunteers or workers, rather than submission by voters themselves directly to ballot collection sites.

What’s the plan?

Our team is fighting fire with fire. We need your support to get boots on the ground. FIX JERSEY NOW has the plan to win elections by out-competing the Democrats in collecting ballots. Now we need your support to put our plan into action.

How can you help?

We need your support to make our plan a reality. We cannot do it alone. It will take all of us coming together to make a change. We encourage you to donate what you can afford to help us save our beloved State and Fix Jersey Now!

Help us Fix Jersey Now

In recent years, we’ve lost 106,722 New Jerseyans to other states.

Thanks to Democrats in Trenton, a typical N.J. middle-class family pays almost TWO-THIRDS of their income in taxes when considering federal, state, local, and property taxes.

How can our young people afford to start families, buy a home, or expand a business when they’re being robbed blind? The truth is, they can’t.

Join the fight! It will only take a minute

A few things you need to know…

Fix Jersey Now is a Citizen-led Committee Dedicated to Turning our State Red

Democrats are depending on Ballot Harvesting

The Left set up a MASSIVE get-out-the-vote operation in New Jersey that steamrolled Republican candidates up and down the ticket because our grassroots network had withered away.

This CANNOT continue. We MUST invest in grassroots organizing to win elections and replace the radicals in power with citizens who support commonsense policies to restore New Jersey as the best state to live and raise a family.

The cornerstone of the Democrats’ get-out-the-vote operation is legal ballot harvesting.

Unfortunately, Republicans haven’t invested in collecting ballots like Democrats have, so we keep getting beat.

Our Citizen-led committee is fighting fire with fire

FIX JERSEY NOW is the Political Action Committee that will level the playing field by fighting fire with fire.

FIX JERSEY NOW has developed a BALLOT COLLECTION PLAN that can win elections by delivering legal ballots to targeted ballot boxes throughout the state.

Our plan deploys a network of volunteers to set up ballot collection sites in local churches, gun clubs, American Legion and VFW Posts, and other sites where like-minded supporters can be recruited to cast a ballot before Election Day.

We understand that it’s not how many voters support you that wins elections…

…but how many BALLOTS YOU COLLECT.

We need your support! Donate Now

Your donation will fund field training our supporters, giving critical legal advice to ensure our efforts are compliant with the law, and building out our website so it’s a one-stop shop for Republicans and sympathetic independents to get information about how to register to vote, cast a ballot, and locate a drop-off site.

No matter the size of your gift today, the important thing is that you give any amount you can.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can turn the tide. Together we can Fix Jersey Now! 


This is how we win. It’s just simple math. New Jersey is at a real crossroads.

If we don’t match and beat the Democrats’ ballot-harvesting measures, we will be surrendering our state to radicals who will make New Jersey unaffordable and unlivable.

But if you support FIX JERSEY NOW’s ballot collection efforts, we can flip New Jersey RED!

More Coming Soon!

Get ready to show your support for Fix Jersey Now with awesome accessories and apparel coming soon. We’ve partnered with a U.S. based company to provide us with products.

Who can and can’t contribute to a Super PAC or Hybrid PAC?

Political committees may accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor organizations, and other political committees. They may not accept contributions from foreign nationals, federal contractors, national banks, or federally chartered corporations.

PACs can receive money from companies; in that instance, the names of individuals do not have to be reported. 

Any federal committee that receives over $200 in the aggregate during a specific period (annually for a PAC and election cycle for a candidate committee) has to report the name, address, employer, and occupation of such donor on their report of receipts and disbursements (Form 3x for a PAC and Form 3 for a candidate committee). For example, someone who gives $100 and $100 will not appear on a report, but the next time that person donates $.01 or more, they will appear on a report.